BOWIE2001 Instrumentals

  1. Ziggy Stardawn (Instrumental Mix)
  2. The Sound of Fame (Instrumental Mix)
  3. Let’s Dub (Instrumental Mix)
  4. Starmann (Instrumental Mix)
  5. Marching Home (Instrumental Mix)
  6. Everyone Says High (Instrumental Mix)
  7. Easy (Instrumental Mix)
  8. Changed (Instrumental Mix)
  9. Angels Have Gone (Instrumental Mix)
  10. Never Get Sound and Vision (Atkins Diet Mix)
  11. Thursday’s Starchild (Instrumental Mix)
  12. A Space Oddity (Instrumental Mix)
  13. Ashes to Dub (Instrumental Mix)*
  14. Digital Booklet*

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*exclusive to the iTunes version.