Dates for 2012

Hi everybody, we’re very bad at letting you know Fritz’s international DJ dates, but that will change soon.  June the 8th, he plays in Genoa, Italy. Then late June & July all dates will be in the UK. But when September comes he’s back on the road with Poland, Germany and Hungary… we’ll update you as soon as the promoters send us the flyers/artwork/details.

Superfly Lullabies CD mixed by Fritz von Runte

The ultra cool shop Superfly Lullabies, with fluffy blankets for righteous kids, has commissioned a mix cd from Fritz to give away to parents who still got game. It’s available for free on their website for clients that buy more than 100$ in products. But don’t worry if you don’t have any kids, you can still download the mixtape on

Last Electronic Gin ‘n Tonic of the Season

Hi folks! So, here we go, the final Electronic Gin ‘n Tonic of this season. This Saturday, the 28th, Fritz von Runte will drop some of the tunes that made EG&T the best night in Chorlton. Be there or be miserable at home, cold and crying, wondering about why people don’t like you and why you don’t have much fun anymore.  As usual at The Dulcimer, with Fritz and you…

FREE Mixtape at Electronic Gin ‘n Tonic’s Page

Hi peeps, Fritz von Runte has produced and mixed a brilliant new mixtape called ‘The Persistence of the Manchester Summer‘. It’s very fresh and chilled, with tracks by The Jackson 5, Ytre Rymden Dansskola, Moby, In Flagrant and Carly Simon. It’s up for grabs, for free, at Electronic Gin ‘n Tonic’s Facebook page — — download it now!