Fritz to remix Freebass

Sensational news! Fritz von Runte is set to remix Freebass, the Manchester supergroup comprising members of every Mancunian’s favourite bands – New Order, The Smiths and Stone Roses. Their first EP, Worlds Collide, was just released on melodic bass master Peter Hook’s new record label Haçienda Records. The band took almost 5 years to release it’s first output and it’s worth a listen. The remixes will include tracks with The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess and Howard ‘Mr Nice’ Marks. More to come…

Marshall Records websites revamped

Marshall Records, Fritz von Runte anarchist record label has had its online portfolio revamped. The Beatles Hate and Hell, Lily Allen Remixed, Renegade Boys and the Lycantropii Collection have new interfaces and all the tracks are still available for free – as long as you don’t support the war. Marshall Records’ unique technology makes the download impossible for those who like guns and violence.

Lycantropii Volume IV

The the long-awaited Lycantropii volume IV was finally released… The celebrated Fritz von Runte’s mash-ups again the war, under the moniker Max & Moritz , reach its fourth volume with lots of grace and energy, specially in a time where this style is saturated. Enjoy!

01. Freaks on Film [Rick James vs Duran Duran]
02. Sympathy on The Dancefloor [Rolling Stones vs Sophie Ellis Bextor]
03. Complicated Whisper [George Michael vs Avril Lavigne]
04. Been Caught Shakin’ [Beastie Boys vs Janes Addiction]
05. Psycho U [Talking Heads vs Freeez]
06. Genius’s Got A Temper [The Prodigy vs Tom Tom Club]
07. Orange Feeling [REM vs Black Eyed Peas]
08. Pump Up The Paranoia [Garbage vs M/A/R/R/S]
09. Was Dog A Virgin [Madonna vs Cat Stevens]
10. Never Gonna Space You Up [Rick Astley vs Jamiroquai]
11. You Give Life A Bad Name [Bon Jovi vs Leftfield]
12. Perpetual Part Of Me [Michael Jackson vs The Orb]
13. Lose The Littlest Things [Eminem vs Lily Allen]
14. Wish This Way [Skee-lo vs Aerosmith & Run DMC]
15. Hear The Champion Sound Get Wicked [Fatboy Slim vs Chad Jackson]
16. Another One Bites The Message [Grandmaster Flash vs The Queen]
17. Long Time Epic [Mariah Carey vs Faith No More]
18. Hollaback Macarena [Gwen Stefani vs Los Del Rio]
19. Salmon Back [The Chemical Brothers vs Justin Timberlake]
20. Dream On Forever [Spice Girls vs Depeche Mode]