BOWIE2001 at The Islington Mill

BOWIE2001 lands at Islington Mill on the 21st of June for a different space odyssey.

It’s the official party for the launch of Manchester based DJ and producer Fritz von Runte’s latest release, BOWIE2001, a collection of David Bowie remixes inspired by Kubrick’s 2001, and telling a new story with a new version of the movie, re-edited to the songs.
The night starts with a screening of the movie and ends with an exclusive 3-hour live DJ set by von Runte, with his original productions and unique house, funk and electro gems.
Tickets are priced at 5£.

Islington Mill
James Street
Salford M3 5HW

BOWIE2001 | A Space Oddity

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BOWIE2001 – The Remix CD – 23-EOIO-09

  1. Ziggy Stardawn
  2. The Sound of Fame
  3. Let’s Dub
  4. Starmann
  5. Thursday’s Starchild
  6. Marching Home
  7. The Man Who Sold The World Riddle
  8. Never Get Sound and Vision
  9. Everyone Says High
  10. Easy
  11. 808 Kick Poem
  12. Changed
  13. Heroes Survive
  14. Angels Have Gone
  15. A Space Oddity
  16. Ashes To Dub*
  17. Dubber Pressure*
  18. Some Are Adventures*

* exclusive bonus tracks

BOWIE2001 – A Space Oddity – Limited Edition DVD – 23-EOIO-10
BOWIE2001 – The mixpiece – 23-EOIO-11**

Ziggy Stardawn
Everyone Says High

The Golden Dawn of Starmann
Angels Have Gone
Never Get Sound and Vision

Life on Mars – Five Years Later
Hi Hi Kaiser Fun
Some Are Adventures
White Port
Gilly’s Grand Union

Infinite and Beyond The Space Oddity
Marching Home
The Sound of Fame
Heroes Survive
808 Kick Poem
The Man Who Sold The World Riddle
Dub Pressure
Ashes to Dub
Let’s Dub
Thursday’s Starchild
A Space Oddity
A Space Oddity – 2nd Movement

** The Mixpiece is also heard in the movie, as its soundtrack.

It’s a Beautiful Life [US]

It’s A Beautiful Life CD DISC 1

  1. Not Too Late
  2. The Only Ones Alone
  3. Lady Violence
  4. World Won’t Wait
  5. Kill Switch, Pt. 141
  6. Stalingrad
  7. Secrets and Lies
  8. She Said
  9. God Machine, The
  10. Plan B
  11. I’m a Believer
  12. Bury Me Standing
  13. Sister Surrender

It’s A Beautiful Life Songs DISC 2:

  1. Intro
  2. You Don’t Know This About Me [Instrumental Mix] – (remix)
  3. Milky Way is Our Playground [Instrumental Mix], The – (remix)
  4. Dark Starr [Instrumental Mix] – (remix)
  5. Live Tomorrow You Go Down [Instrumental Mix] – (remix)
  6. Thats Life
  7. You Don’t Know This About Me [Fritz von Runte 33 Redesign]
  8. Dark Starr [Fritz von Runte 33 Redesign]
  9. You Don’t Know This About Me [Fritz von Runte Electro Design]
  10. Dub Starr
  11. You Don’t Know This About Me [Arthur Baker Vocal Mix] – (remix)
  12. You Don’t Know This About Me [Arthur Baker Instrumental Mix] – (remix)
  13. You Don’t Know This About Me [Arthur Baker a Capella Mix] – (remix)

Lily Allen REMIXED

Lily Allen REMIXED – The Limited Edition
01. Everyone’s At it [recreational mix]
02. The Fear [fearchestral version]
03. Not Fair [uncool mix]
04. 22 [23 mix]
05. I Could Say [function mix]
06. Back To The Start [this is just a remix]
07. Never Gonna Happen [what’s happening mix]
08. Fuck You [fossa nova mix]
09. Who’d Have Known [moss side mix]
10. Chinese [toolie mix]
11. Him [riot hymn mix]
12. He Wasn’t There [welsh mix]

13. The Fear [dubchestral version]*
14. I Could Dub*
15. 22 (32 mix)*
16. Smile (Doc Fritz is Fucking The Girl
Next Door Full Lenght Version)**
17. Knock ‘em Out (Doc Fritz Politest Way to Mix)*
18. LDN (Doc Fritz is Looking With his Mix)*
19. Smile (Doc Fritz is Fucking The Girl
Next Door Radio Edit)**

*previously unreleased **unavailable on cd

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Lily Allen REMIXED Limited Edition CD

Lily Allen REMIXED, the most downloaded remix album of 2009 received a new treatment and is being re-released TODAY on a very limited numbered edition. Only 100 copies with SEVEN bonus tracks, with unreleased versions of the ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’ and ‘Alright Still’ eras – including the Smile mixes only available so far on vinyl. Have a listen to its radio edit and buy the album here:
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