Lycantropii Volume IV

The the long-awaited Lycantropii volume IV was finally released… The celebrated Fritz von Runte’s mash-ups again the war, under the moniker Max & Moritz , reach its fourth volume with lots of grace and energy, specially in a time where this style is saturated. Enjoy!

01. Freaks on Film [Rick James vs Duran Duran]
02. Sympathy on The Dancefloor [Rolling Stones vs Sophie Ellis Bextor]
03. Complicated Whisper [George Michael vs Avril Lavigne]
04. Been Caught Shakin’ [Beastie Boys vs Janes Addiction]
05. Psycho U [Talking Heads vs Freeez]
06. Genius’s Got A Temper [The Prodigy vs Tom Tom Club]
07. Orange Feeling [REM vs Black Eyed Peas]
08. Pump Up The Paranoia [Garbage vs M/A/R/R/S]
09. Was Dog A Virgin [Madonna vs Cat Stevens]
10. Never Gonna Space You Up [Rick Astley vs Jamiroquai]
11. You Give Life A Bad Name [Bon Jovi vs Leftfield]
12. Perpetual Part Of Me [Michael Jackson vs The Orb]
13. Lose The Littlest Things [Eminem vs Lily Allen]
14. Wish This Way [Skee-lo vs Aerosmith & Run DMC]
15. Hear The Champion Sound Get Wicked [Fatboy Slim vs Chad Jackson]
16. Another One Bites The Message [Grandmaster Flash vs The Queen]
17. Long Time Epic [Mariah Carey vs Faith No More]
18. Hollaback Macarena [Gwen Stefani vs Los Del Rio]
19. Salmon Back [The Chemical Brothers vs Justin Timberlake]
20. Dream On Forever [Spice Girls vs Depeche Mode]

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