Fritz von Runte lost album re-released!

Fritz von Runte and (long time collaborator) Mister Master Five, have produced a lot of music under the moniker Doc Fritz. Their last album, The Riot Hymns (or Thirt33n Pi3c3s) was released in 2005 but had little distribution and no promotion whatsoever. It was deleted for years from the now defunct Shalala Records catalogue, but it was just re-released via Marshall Records. It’s available worldwide via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and it comprises 13 tracks plus a hidden one. All tracks have exactly 3:14 — like PI, hence its nickname Thirt33n Pi3c3s (it was called XIIπ during the recording sessions).

A few tracks had remixes commissioned for another Shalalá Records compilation but the company went bankrupt before releasing it. Have a listen and let us know what you think of it via email – — and we’ll send you an exclusive track as a thank you.

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