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  • Underage Pedophile first single is out

    Underage Pedophile’s debut AA single Borderline / Lucky Star is out on iTunes and Google Play. Produced by von Runte, this Swiss-American band come with heavy guns — two very different dancefloor gems for your amuse. They’ve paired up with Louise C, a singer that trained her voice in the woods of Michigan, alone at night, […]

  • Fritz von Runte lost album re-released!

    Fritz von Runte and (long time collaborator) Mister Master Five, have produced a lot of music under the moniker Doc Fritz. Their last album, The Riot Hymns (or Thirt33n Pi3c3s) was released in 2005 but had little distribution and no promotion whatsoever. It was deleted for years from the now defunct Shalala Records catalogue, but […]


    Fritz von Runte‘s new WINTERHITS mixtape is out… with bells on! CHROMOPHOBIA is a musical dream with lots of colours and nuances. From the artwork, composed and crafted by the talented artist Marina Mikulic, to the choice of musicians that perform in the tracks used in the mixtape, Fritz has chosen the right colours, the right […]

  • 8th Aug | Fritz von Runte & Various